CanSkate Program

The CanSkate program is Skate Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program, designed for beginners of all ages that focuses on the development of fundamental skating skills and movements. CanSkate offers basic skating instruction taught in a group lesson format by Skate Canada professional Coaches who are assisted by trained Program Assistants. CanSkate is the foundational and feeder program for all other Skate Canada programs including STARSkate and CompetitveSkate.

The CanSkate program consists of seven (7) progressive stages of development. The Pre-CanSkate Stage and Stages 1 to 6. In each stage, there are three (3) fundamental areas of focus:

  • Balance: Concentrating on most forward skills, pushing technique and edges.
  • Control: Concentrating on most backwards skills, stopping and speed elements.
  • Agility: Concentrating on most turning and jumping skills.

On-ice delivery of skating skills will focus on improving and mastering the basic skating skills expected in each of these fundamental areas. Badges will be awarded to skaters who have executed the skills in each stage. Skater have the option of registering and participating in both the CanSkate program and the Junior Prep or Junior Star programs at the same time in each skating season at the discretion of the CanSkate Head Coach.

Registration Requirements
  • Ages 4 and up only.
  • All Skaters should have their own skates and should be able to stand on their own.
  • Proper skates and skating equipment are required.
    *Warm gloves and CSA approved helmets are required to be allowed onto the ice but MOST IMPORTANTLY for better skating progression!

CanSkate Etiquette Rules & Guidelines

To ensure a safe, fun and positive skating environment for CanSkate participants, skaters and parents should review and respectfully adhere to the CanSkate Etiquette Rules & Guidelines before the first CanSkate session outlined in our Club Policies & Guidelines.

What’s next after CanSkate?

For CanSkaters who have passed CanSkate Stage 4 or higher, or for those who have progressed beyond CanSkate at the discretion of the CanSkate Head Coach, skaters may choose to continue developing their skating skills within our figure skating programs. Skaters can move into the Junior Prep program where they can take group lessons as well as semi-private and/or private lessons with their Head Coach.

CanSkate Program Details and Registration

September 21, 2017 – March 22, 2018

***Limited spots are available. Register early to avoid disappointment!***

CanSkate Program
(Weekly Session)
Thursday: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Skate Canada Membership Fee

$43.00 (per individual)

Brentwood Community Membership Fee

$35.00 (Family)

$12.50 (Individual)

CanSkate Program Fee


Volunteer Deposit Fee

$100.00* (for one (1) hour of weekly CanSkate ice session)

*Refundable and non-refundable payout options are available. For details, please review the Volunteer Deposit Fee.

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Additional Skating Options
  • Member Pick-Up Ice Fee – $13.00 per hour
  • Non-Member Pick-Up Ice Fee – $18.00 per hour
  • Drop-In On-Ice Group Session are available
  • Drop-In Dryland (Off-Ice) Group Session are available
  • Private lessons are available with your Head Coach