Program Assistants

Program Assistants (or PA’s) are individuals who have been trained by a Skate Canada Professional Coach to assist in the delivery of the CanSkate program. Program Assistants may be drawn from a number of different groups of people including:

  • Current skaters at the club
  • Former skaters
  • Skaters from other sports (hockey, ringette, speed skating)

The Brentwood Community Skating Club is currently recruiting PA’s on a volunteering basis for the delivery of the Skate Canada CanSkate program. PA’s must be 12 years of age and up and be able to meet the minimum skating skills requirements. Volunteering credits may be accredited upon request. PA’s assisting in the CanSkate program can gain experience in teaching basic skating skills and has good opportunities to mentor with a NCCP certified coach and become a certified CanSkate coach.

Meet our cool, fun, awesome, and incredibly dedicated team of Program Assistants!

Carmen Sabourin

Carmen is currently a student at Bishop Carroll High School and she started skating at the age of 6 years old with her parents and took 2 years of figure skating lessons at the age of 12. Besides skating, Carmen enjoys school, volunteering at the Calgary Public Library, and help teaching young kids to read. Her other interest also include drawing on her spare time. Carmen thinks skating is a sport that requires not only skill, but also self-discipline and patience. It is challenging, but with practice, she thinks those who start skating will find develop a greater sense of self-confidence, and she hopes to bring that positive effect to anyone who wants to learn skating. Whether or not a skater becomes the next Tessa Virtue who inspires her, Carmen encourages everyone should try skating. One of Carmen’s favourite part of her whole week is being a CanSkate Program Assistant and see that persistence to learn turns into progress in the skaters she is mentoring.

Rachel Sabourin

Rachel is currently a student in Junior High and she started figure skating a few years ago when she saw the Olympics and learned that skating is more than knowing how to skate, but it is also knowing how to skate beautifully. Katelyn Osmond was the Olympian which inspired her while watching the Winter Games. Rachel felt that Katelyn was so graceful and it motivated her to start figure skating. Rachel took 2 years of figure skating lessons and loved it. Rachel is now a CanSkate Program Assistant and she knows that because not everyone know the basic skating skills, she wants to teach kids how to skate so they can move on to start figure skating like her.

Interested in becoming a PA?

If you or anyone you know are interested in joining the CanSkate team as a Program Assistant for the current or upcoming skating seasons, please contact Lisa Simpson at