CompetitiveSkate Program

The CompetitiveSkate program is for skaters in singles, pair and ice dance wishing to compete in qualifying events within Skate Canada. Skaters who wish to challenge their figure skating skills and who show potential as competitive skaters can participate in this program.

  • Age Range: 5 – 18 years of age
  • Hiring a Head Coach is required at this level
  • Additional private, semi-private and group lessons from your coach is strongly recommended
  • It will take a skater 1-3 years to progress through each level of this program
  • Skate Canada Competitive Levels: Preliminary to Senior Competitive
  • Test Levels: Senior Bronze, Senior Silver, Gold and Diamond

    This is the main competitive figure skating stream for those skaters who would like the opportunity to compete at Sectionals, Skate Canada Challenge and the Canadian National Figure Skating Championships. If skaters are interested in competitive figure skating, they can join the CompetitiveSkate Program through their Coach.

    Skaters enrolled in CompetitiveSkate learn a variety of life skills as they progress up the competitive ladder. These include goal-setting, focus, ability to deal with success/failure, time management and principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. In addition to the life skill benefits, skaters in this program receive:

    • access to provincial and national funding programs (as applicable)
    • the opportunity to compete at Skate Canada Sectionals, Skate Canada Challenge, and/or the Canadian Figure Skating Championships
    • the opportunity to be selected to Skate Canada’s National Team
    • opportunity and potential to be selected to represent Canada internationally
    • access to sport science services

    The Qualifying Event Structure

    There are several opportunities throughout the season for skaters to participate in competitive events.

    The Skate Canada CompetitiveSkate Program offers nationally standardized competitions to competitive skaters. These events are the stepping stones to things such as the National Team and the World and Olympic teams. Skaters competing in the qualifying event structure can do so at the Juvenile (optional category), Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior levels in singles, pair and ice dance.

    Qualifying Event Structure


    In CompetitiveSkate, you need to hire a Head Coach for managing your child’s overall skating which may include but not limited to goals setting, lessons, practices, tests, competitions, and etc. You should discuss the skating schedule with your Coach to determine the appropriate amount of lesson time and practice time for your child. You can then book and purchase the ice time sessions through online registration and your Coach will individually bill you for lessons.

    CompetitiveSkate Program Details and Registration

    September 18, 2017 – March 24, 2018

    CompetitiveSkate Program
    (Weekly Sessions Available for Private, Semi-Private and/or Group Lessons)
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 4:15-5:45pm
    Tuesday & Thursday: 3:45-4:45pm & 4:45-5:45pm
    Saturday: 8:45-9:45am & 9:45-10:45am
    Skate Canada Membership Fee


    Brentwood Community Membership Fee

    $35.00 (Family)

    $12.50 (Individual)

    CompetitiveSkate Program Fees

    $285.00 for 1.5 hours session (Mon., Wed., and/or Fri. ice times)

    $220.00 for 1 hour session (Tue., Thu., and/or Sat. ice times)

    $380.00 for 2 hours session (Tue., Thu., and/or Sat. ice times)

    Volunteer Deposit Fee

    $100.00* (for each weekly hour of ice session)

    *Refundable and non-refundable payout options are available. For details, please review the Volunteer Deposit Fee.

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    Additional Skating Options
    • Member Pick-Up Ice Fee – $13.00 per hour
    • Non-Member Pick-Up Ice Fee – $18.00 per hour
    • Drop-In On-Ice Group Session are available
    • Drop-In Dryland (Off-Ice) Group Session are available
    • Private lessons are available with your Head Coach