Club Policies & Guidelines

To ensure an enjoyable and safe member experience in the Brentwood Community Skating Club, we expect that all skaters and parents to respectfully adhere to the following club policies & guidelines.

Code of Conduct
  1. Represent the Brentwood Community Skating Club in a respectful and professional manner.
  2. To create and maintain a cooperative relationship between skaters, parents, coaches, the Club, and the Brentwood community for the purpose of ensuring a positive skating environment.
  3. Non-Payment of Club fees will result in withdrawal of skating privileges. Volunteer deposit must accompany registration.
  4. Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children
  5. Any inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour by Skaters and/or Parents can result in temporary or permanent suspension or expulsion.
  6. Zero tolerance for bullying, victimizing, harassing (sexual or otherwise), impersonating, vandalizing or stealing from other skaters.
  7. Skaters are expected to show good sportsmanship and encourage an enjoyable skating environment.
  8. All skaters are responsible for maintaining clean and tidy dressing rooms. Skaters are responsible for safeguarding and gathering their personal belongings and throwing disposing of garbage appropriately. Skaters are expected to use his/her dressing rooms.
  9. Direct any concerns via email to the Brentwood Community Skating Club.
CanSkate Etiquette Rules & Guidelines
  1. Ages 4 and Up. All Skaters should have their own skates and should be able to stand on their own;
  2. CSA approved helmets are mandatory and MUST be worn to be allowed onto the ice. Bicycle helmets will NOT be allowed;
  3. Gloves and mittens are mandatory and MUST be worn to be allowed onto the ice;
  4. Appropriate dress code is required to be allowed onto the ice. No bulky snowsuits. Warm, easy-to-move clothing is highly recommended;
  5. Dressing rooms are provided for all skaters. Check the board in the lobby for dressing room numbers assigned;
  6. Viewing stands are for sitting only and skates are NOT allowed in the lobby;
  7. Parents are NOT allowed on the ice at any time;
  8. Parents are NOT allowed to be standing around the glass of the arena boards and MUST remain seated in the viewing stands for the duration of the session;
  9. Arena gates are to be closed at ALL TIMES. Open gates are dangerous for our skaters and coaches. If your child needs to get on or off the ice, please close the gate behind your child;
  10. Name tags can be found in the center gate and MUST be returned at the end of each session so they do not get lost or missing;
  11. Coaches are NOT to be disturbed during the session. Any and all questions should only be directed to the coaches at the end of the session.
Figure Skating Etiquette Rules & Guidelines
  1. Respect the right of all skaters on the ice;
  2. Respect the arena’s property, and the property of others;
  3. Skaters doing solos have the right of way and all skaters need to be aware of their surrounding and everyone on the ice;
  4. Coaches giving lessons have the right of way to play music when requested;
  5. Zero tolerance for profanity and/or disrespect to skaters, coaches, rink chairs;
  6. Food, candy, gum and/or drinks other than water or sports drinks are NOT permitted on the ice surface;
  7. Remove ALL belongings (used/unused tissues, water bottles, CD’s, gloves, etc.) before exiting the ice;
  8. No pushing, tripping horseplay, intentional interference with other skaters. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children;
  9. Everyone MUST leave the ice during a flood and promptly after each session;
  10. All skaters and guests are expected to dress and behave in an appropriate manner that reflect good taste and good moral attitude;
  11. ALL CanSkate participants should respectfully adhere to the CanSkate Etiquette Rules & Guidelines;
  12. There will be no refund or credit for unused sessions or classes.